An Qinian

An Qinian
Фамилия:  An Qinian

Professor, Superviser of Ph.D. Candidate. Now he works as a professor in Department of Philosophy of the Renmin University of China and doctoral candidate's tutor. In addition, he has been visiting researcher at Marxism-Leninism Office of Chinese Academy of Social Science, deputy chairman of Chinese Soviet Russian Philosophy Research Association, member of Chinese Russia Eastern Europe Central Asia Research Association, permanent member of Chinese Historical Materialism Research Association, member of Chinese Marxist Philosophy Development History Association and foreign editor of Russian Magazine-Free thought -21 century. He has been engaging in the teaching and researching on Marxist Philosophy and Soviet Russian Philosophy for a long time.

Personal monographs: Soviet Philosophy for 70 Years; Russia's Culture and the Question of Leninism; Philosophy of Russia after Disintegrating of the Soviet Union ; Newly writing of Marxist Philosophy's Development History .

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