Busapathumrong, Pattamaporn

Busapathumrong, Pattamaporn
Фамилия:  Busapathumrong
Имя:  Pattamaporn

Pattamaporn Busapathumrong is currently the Head of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Asian University, Bangkok, Thailand. She graduated from Thammasat University, Thailand with a BA (Hons) in Sociology and Anthropology. She obtained a Master’s degree in Anthropology from Stanford University, USA, and a Doctoral degree in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania, USA. Her studies in the U.S. were funded by the King Anandha Mahidol Scholarship. Her professional experience includes working in a Child Advocacy Unit and in the Defenders’ Association of Philadelphia, teaching at Thammasat University, and consultancies to the United Nations and UNICEF. Her publications and current research areas cover social work and social welfare, social development, welfare mix model, and women’s studies.

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