Gilbert, K

Фамилия:  Gilbert
Имя:  Ken

Has been a pioneer of Big History ever since his undergraduate days at MIT in the Sixties. A synchronistic series of defining moments and fascinating insights were initiated at that time ultimately transforming his perspectives. These experiences in-spired his lifelong project and quest for creativity in scholarship and education. Ken has been fortunate to enjoy many years researching a transdisciplinary synthesis of Big History, benefitting both from a wealth of expert guidance and the freedom of independent scholarship. His background includes Master’s degrees from the California Institute of Integral Studies and Wayne State University, plus postgraduate research at the University of Edinburgh and Emory University on a Woodruff Fellowship. He introduced Big History at the World History Association of Texas 2012 Conference, and has participated in conferences sponsored by the Templeton Foundation. Ken passionately believes in the prospects for Big History contributing towards a timely transformation of our collective learning through two interconnected developments: a Grand Unified Theory of evolution throughout history, and a meaningful Grand Unified Story for research and education at all levels. To this end, he is currently working on expanding and deepening the initial elements proposed in his IBHA Inaugural Conference paper for constructing a new Integral Evolutionary Synthesis in the context of Big History. Ken seeks to teach at the college level, and work towards introducing a Big History program, based on the wonderful precedent underway at Dominican, at a local university.

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