Henneberg, M.

Фамилия:  Henneberg
Имя:  Maciej

Maciej Henneberg is a Foundation Wood Jones Professor of Anthropological and Comparative Anatomy at the University of Adelaide, Adjunct Professor at Flinders University of South Australia and a Professor of Biological Sciences in the Republic of Poland. Before coming to Adelaide in 1996 he was Professor of Anatomy and Human Biology at the University of the Witwatersrand. He has published 283 full-length papers/book chapters, edited three monographs and co-authored four books including two editions (2008, 2010) of The Hobbit Trap. Henneberg is the Editor-in-Chief of HOMOJournal of Comparative Human Biology (Elsevier). He has contributed papers to biological anthropology, prehistoric and classical archaeology, demography, genetics, comparative anatomy of mammals, clinical anatomy, forensic sciences and law. Among his major interests is the evolution of human brain.

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