Hughes, Nigel C.

Фамилия:  Hughes
Имя:  Nigel C.

Nigel С. Hughes was born on a hill in northern England in 1964. He studied Natural History and Geology in the United Kingdom and the Bengali language in India. Dr. Hughes is presently a professor of Geology at the University of California, Riverside (USA) and has published widely on Himalayan fossils and geology, and on the biology of trilobites and other invertebrate fossils. He teaches two Big History classes, and much enjoys hiking up mountains with his family and friends, and playing the ukulele. He is just now in the process of completing a book, Monisha ar Pathorer Bon (Monisha and the Stone Forest), a story aimed at introducing scientific thinking about environmental change to children in rural Bengal.

Nigel talking about science in a girls' classroom in Erlanger (Bangladesh)

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