Lekevičius, E

Фамилия:  Lekevičius
Имя:  Edmundas

Works at the Center for Ecology and Environmental Studies, Vilnius University, Lithuania. He has been working in the field of ecology and theoretical biology since 1978, and now teaches ecology, adaptation theory and ecosystem evolution at Vilnius University. He is the author of GAT, the general adaptation theory (Elements of General Adaptation Theory. Vilnius: Mokslas, 1986) and the deductive version of the ecosystem evolution theory (The Origin of Ecosystems by Means of Natural Selection. Vilnius: Institute of Ecology, 2002). Here are some of his recently published articles (without co-authors): ‘Ecosystem Evolution: Main Stages and Possible Mechanisms’ (Zhurnal Obshchei Biologii [Moscow], 2003, 64(5): 371–388); ‘The Russian Paradigm in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: pro et contra’ (Acta Zoologica Lithuanica, 2006, 16(1): 3–19); ‘On Some Analogies between Ecosystem Evolution and the Development of Economy: From A. Smith and Ch. Darwin till the Latest Ideas’ (in Grinin L. E., Markov A. V., and Korotayev A. V. (eds.) Evolution: Cosmic, Biological, Social, pp. 226–260. Moscow: LIBROKOM, 2009; ‘Vacant Niches in Nature, Ecology, and Evolutionary Theory: A Mini-Review’ (Ekologija [Vilnius], 2009, 55(3–4): 165–174).

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