Montanari, Alessandro

Montanari, Alessandro
Фамилия:  Montanari
Имя:  Alessandro

Alessandro Montanari was born in Ancona on July 25 1954, Italy.

He is a laureat in geology, Urbino University, 1979; PhD in geology, UC, Berkeley, 1986; Postoctoral Researcher and Research Associate, UC, Berkeley, until 1993; Founder and Director of the Geological Observatory of Coldigioco, since 1992.

Teacher in ad hoc courses for American and European universities and active researcher, in regional geology (Apennines, Dolomites, Croatia), sedimentary geology, integrated stratigraphy, paleoclimate and cyclostratigraphy, neotectonics, speleology, extremophile stygobitic biology.

Louderback Award, UC, Berkeley, 1983; Rotary Award, Gubbio 1992; Nighted by the President of the Italian Republic, 1993; Portonovo Award, Marche Region, 2001; Geology Renaissance Sabbatical Award, UC, Berkeley, 2005; EGU Jan Baptiste Lamark Medal, 2007; Corresponding Member of the Austrian Academy of Science, 2010; Fellow of the Geological Society of America, 2010.

Author and co-author of about 100 technical papers (Science, GSA (Geology, Bulletin, Special Papers), Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Paleo3, Journal of Geology, Terra Nova, Geological Society of Italy, Geologia Croatica, Comptes Rendus de l’Académie de Sciences, Elsevier Developments in Paleontology and Stratigraphy, Bulletin de la Societé Géologique de France, Lecture Notes in Physics, Planetary and Space Science, Journal of Seismology, Italian Bulletin of Archeology, Geochimica and Cosmochimica Acta, Geophysical Research Letters, Meteoritics and Planetary Sciences, Episodes, Paleoceanography, ISMA Journal, International Journal of Climatology.

Author and co-author of scientific and popular science books: Tales from the Cònero Rocks, Geologic Guide for the Cònero Park (1995); Impact Stratigraphy: The Italian Record, Springer (2000); Drops of Time: Strolling Among Rocks, Geologic Guide for the Frasassi Park, with CD audio of Quaternary geophonic music (2001); Dances with the Earth: Geophonic Music from the Stratigraphic Record of Central Italy, with CD audio of geophonic music; Presses de l'Ecole des Mines de Paris (2003); Stigobionti: vita acquatica nelle grotte di Frasassi, Speleologic Federation of the Marche (2010).

Co-editor of IUGS Eocene-Oligocene Boundary Ad Hoc Memoir (1987); Giornale di Geologia Special Issue, Miocene Stratigraphy of Italy and Adjacent Regions (1995); Elsevier Miocene Stratigraphy: An Integrated Approach (1997), GSA Special Paper 452, Hothouse, Icehouse, and Impacts: The Late Eocene Earth (2009). 

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