Nefiodow, L.

Фамилия:  Nefiodow
Имя:  Leo

Leo Nefiodow is one of the most well-known German experts of the theory of long waves and one of the most renowned trailblazers of the information society. From 1965 until 2002, he worked in key positions in research and development in the industry and the public sectors. He also served as an advisor to the German Federal Ministry of Re-search and Technology and multiple German state governments, inter¬national orga-nizations and private companies. In 2004, he was a member of the ‘Our Future Eco-nomy’ task force by the Club of Rome. One of its emphases includes future research. The first edition of his book Der sechste Kondratieff [The Sixth Kondratieff] was published in 1996. It was the first publication in the world to identify the sixth Kon-dratieff. Nefiodow illustrates how a holistic concept of health – physical, psycho-mental, social, mental and spiritual health – will become the carrier of a new long phase of prospe¬rity in the twenty-first century. Since 1996, Nefiodow has written more than 100 publications on the Kondratieff cycles. He has proven the forecasting ability of the theory of long waves in his publications and lectures and paved the way to an extensive discussion on the future. In 2014 Leo Nefiodow was awarded the Bronze Medal by the International N. D. Kondratieff Foundation and the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

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