Reznikova, R.

Фамилия:  Reznikova
Имя:  Zhanna

Head of Laboratory of Community Ethology of the Institute of Systematics and Ecology of Animals, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences and Head of Department of Comparative Psychology in the Novosibirsk State University. Current research interests include evolution of social systems, evolutionary approach to studying ontogenetic development of cognitive skills in animals, animal learning and intelligence, social learning, and applying of ideas of information theory to the study of animal communication. Zhanna Reznikova is the author of over 150 academic publications including the book Animal Intelligence: From Individual to Social Cognition (Cambridge University Press, 2007), and such articles as ‘The Use of Ideas of Information Theory for Studying “Language” and Intelligence in Ants’ (in Entropy, 2009, 11(4): 836–853; with Boris Ryabko); ‘An Ant's Eye View of Culture: Propagation of New Traditions Through Triggering Dormant Behavioural Patterns’ (in Acta Ethologica, 2008, 11(2): 73–80; with Sofia Panteleeva); ‘Experi-mental Paradigms for Studying Cognition and Communication in Ants’ (Hymrnoptera, Formicidae)’ (Myrmecological News [Vienna], 2008, 11: 201–214); ‘Dialogue with Black Box: Using Information Theory to Study Animal Language Behaviour’ (Acta Ethologica, 2007, 10: 1–12). She is a member of Consulate of International Ethological Conferences and organized symposia on social learning in the framework of XXIX, XXX and XXXI Conferences.

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