Robinson, N.

Фамилия:  Robinson
Имя:  Neil

Neil Robinson is Professor of Comparative Politics in the Department of Politics and Public Administration, and Director of the Institute for the Study of Knowledge and Society, University of Limerick, Ireland. He previously worked at the universities of York and Essex in the United Kingdom. He has published widely on Soviet and post-Soviet politics. His publications include Ideology and the collapse of the Soviet system (1995), Post-communist politics (1997), Institutions and political change in Russia (2000), Russia: a state of uncertainty (2002), State-building. Theory and practice (2007), The Sage handbook of comparative politics (2009), and The political economy of Russia (2012), as well as articles in journals such as European Journal of Political Research, Political Studies, The Journal of Communist Studies and Transitional Politics, Review of International Political Economy, Europe-Asia Studies, Communist and Post-Communist Studies, East European Politics, Journal of Eurasian Studies.

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