Werkhoven, Jos

Фамилия:  Werkhoven
Имя:  Jos

Jos Werkhoven was born in Amsterdam in 1950. For thirty years (1972 to 2002), he was a Montessori teacher, director, trainer, supervisor and developer of educational materials. Since 1995, he has run his own publishing house, from which he publishes educational material in the spirit of Dr. Maria Montessori. Besides publishing, Mr. Werkhoven is still very busy with the development of new educational material. At this moment, he works together with a lot of Montessori professionals to renew material for mathematics for primary education. And, with other professionals, he is renewing material for language for primary education. The next step will be to publish a book of his ideas about modern education, inspired by Dr. Montessori. At the same time, there will be work on a new part of the Lines of Life – the Line of Evolution. He still teaches and supervises Montessori teachers or is present with lectures at congresses or parent evenings at primary Montessori schools. His aim is the enhancement of ‘cosmic education’ (the name of Big History in Montessori education).

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