Development within Big History, Evolutionary and World-System Paradigms

Volgograd: ‘Uchitel’ Publishing House, 2013. – 304 pp.
Edited by Leonid E. Grinin, Аndrey V. Korotayev
ISBN 978-5-7057-3742-0
Editorial Council:
H. Barry III (USA), Yu. Е. Berezkin (Russia), M. L. Butovskaya (Russia), R. L. Carneiro (USA), Ch. Chase-Dunn (USA), V. V. Chernykh (Russia), H. J. M. Claessen (Netherlands), D. Christian (Australia), S. Gavrilets (USA), А. V. Dybo (Russia), K. Yu. Es'kov (Russia), I. V. Ilyin (Russia), N. N. Iordansky (Russia), P. Herrmann (Ireland), A. A. Kazankov (Russia), E. S. Kul'pin (Russia), G. G. Malinetsky (Russia), A. V. Markov (Russia), A. Yu. Militarev (Russia), M. V. Mina (Russia), V. de Munck (USA), А. P. Nazaretyan (Russia), E. B. Naymark (Russia), A. D. Panov (Russia), Zh. I. Reznikova (Russia), B. H. Rodrigue (USA), P. Skalník (Czech Republic), F. Spier (Netherlands), D. White (USA)
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The application of the evolutionary approach to the history of nature and society has remained one of the most effective ways to conceptualize and integrate our growing knowledge of the Universe, life, society and human thought. The present volume demonstrates this in a rather convincing way. This is the third issue of the Almanac series titled ‘Evolution’. The first volume came out with the sub-heading ‘Cosmic, Biological, and Social’, the second was entitled ‘Evolution: A Big History Perspective’. The present volume is subtitled Development within Big History, Evolutionary and World-System Paradigms. In addition to the straightforward evolutionary approach, it also reflects such adjacent approaches as Big History, the world-system analysis, as well as globalization paradigm and long wave theory. The volume includes a number of the exciting works in these fields.

The Almanac consists of five sections. The first section (Globalization as an Evolutionary Process: Yesterday and Today) contains articles demonstrating that the Evolutionary studies is capable of creating a common platform for the world-system approach, globalization studies, and the economic long-wave theory.The articles of the second section (Society, Energy, and Future) discuss the role of energy in the universal evolution, human history and the future of humankind. The third section (Aspects of Social Development) touches upon four aspects of social evolution – technological, environmental, cultural, and political. The fourth section (The Driving Forces and Patterns of Evolution) deals with various phases of megaevolution. There is also a final section which is devoted to discussions of contemporary evolutionism.

This Almanac will be useful both for those who study interdisciplinary macroproblems and for specialists working in focused directions, as well as for those who are interested in evolutionary issues of Cosmology, Biology, History, Anthropology, Economics and other areas of study. More than that, this edition will challenge and excite your vision of your own life and the new discoveries going on around us!



Introduction. At the Junction of Theories and Paradigms (полный текст) 5

I. Globalization as an Evolutionary Process: Yesterday and Today

George Modelski Kondratieff Waves, Evolution and Globalization (полный текст) 18

Leonid E. Grinin andAndrey V. Korotayev Globalization and the World System Evolution (полный текст) 30

Andrey V. Korotayev Globalization and Mathematical Modeling of Global Evolution (полный текст) 69

II. Society, Energy, and Future

William R.Thompson Energy, Kondratieff Waves, Lead Economies, and Their Evolutionary Implications (полный текст) 84

David LePoire Potential Economic and Energy Indicators of Inflection in Complexity (полный текст) 108

Joseph Voros Profiling ‘Threshold 9’: Using Big History as a Frame-Work for Thinking about the Contours of the Coming Global Future (полный текст) 119

III. Aspects of social development

Leonid E. Grinin and Anton L. Grinin Macroevolution of Technology (полный текст) 143

Tony Harper Global Volcanism as It Impacts the Integrity of the World System (полный текст) 179

Christopher J. Corbally and Margaret Boone Rappaport Global Volcanism as It Impacts the Integrity of the World System (полный текст) 197

Neil Robinson ‘Natural’ States and the Development of Democracy (полный текст) 219

IV. The driving forces and patterns of evolution

David Baker 10500. The Darwinian Algorithm and a Possible Candidate for a ‘Unifying Theme’ of Big History (полный текст) 235

Dmitry A. Skladnev, Sergey P. Klykov, and Vladimir V. Kurakov Complication of Animal Genomes in the Course of the Evolution Slowed Down after the Cambrian Explosion (полный текст) 249

Arthur Saniotis, Maciej Henneberg, and Jaliya KumaratilakeAn Evolutionary and Anthropological Examination of Brain/Mind and Novelty (полный текст) 257

Discussion. Evolution: pro et contra

Gregory Sandstrom Peace for Evolution's Puzzle: The Arrival of Human Extension (полный текст) 267

Henri J. M. Claessen A New Theory or a New Ideology? Reply to Gregory Sandstrom (полный текст) 289

Reviews and Notes

David Baker Proceedings of the conference ‘teaching and researching big history: exploring a new scholarly field’ (полный текст) 297


Guidelines for Contributors (полный текст) 300