Evolutionary Trends, Aspects, and Patterns

Volgograd: ‘Uchitel’ Publishing House, 2019. – 296 pp.
Ed. by L. E. Grinin and A. V. Korotayev.
ISBN 978-5-7057-5560-8
Editorial Council:

Editors Council: H. Barry III (USA), Yu. Е. Berezkin (Russia), M. L. Butovskaya (Russia), R. L. Carneiro (USA), Ch. Chase-Dunn (USA), V. V. Chernykh (Russia), H. J. M. Claessen (Netherlands), D. Christian (Australia), S. Gavrilets (USA), А. V. Dybo (Russia), K. Yu. Es'kov (Russia), I. V. Ilyin (Russia), N. N. Iordansky (Russia), P. Herrmann (Ireland), A. A. Kazankov (Russia), G. G. Malinetsky (Russia), A. V. Markov (Russia), A. Yu. Militarev (Russia), M. V. Mina (Russia), V. de Munck (USA), А. P. Nazaretyan   (Russia), E. B. Naymark (Russia), A. D. Panov (Russia), Zh. I. Reznikova (Russia), B. H. Rodrigue (USA), P. Skalník (Czech Republic), F. Spier (Netherlands), D. White (USA).


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The present volume is the sixth issue of the ‘Evolution’ Yearbook series. Our Yearbooks are designed to present to its readers the widest possible spectrum of subjects and issues: from universal evolutionism to the analysis of particular evolutionary regularities in the development of biological, abiotic, and social systems, culture, cognition, language, etc. The main objective of our Yearbook is the creation of a unified interdisciplinary field of research, within which scientists specializing in different disciplines could work within the framework of unified or similar paradigms, using common terminology and searching for common rules, tendencies and regularities. Global evolution (in connection with the Big History) becomes the main subject of our Yearbook. We strive to arrange each issue in such a way that the line from cosmic evolution to the human future is evident.

Similar to the previous issues, this Yearbook shows some aspects of the evolutionary advance from the earlier phases to the anticipated future of human society. But on the whole, this volume is devoted to different aspects and facts of megaevolution and some universal theories in an attempt to find common ground in the diversity of manifestation of evolution and its forms at different stages of development.

The title of this issue ‘Evolutionary Trends, Aspects, and Patterns’ is fully justified. The volume consists of four sections: Big History's Phases and Long-Term Trends; Cosmic Evolution; The Aspects of Socio-Cultural and Political Evolution; and Looking from the Past into the Future. As before, we strive to arrange every issue in such a way that the line from cosmic evolution to the human future is evident. Megahistory and global evolution still are the main subjects of our Yearbook.

This Yearbook will be useful both for those who study interdisciplinary macroproblems and for specialists working in focused directions, as well as for those who are interested in evolutionary issues of Cosmology, Biology, History, Anthropology, Economics and other areas of study. More than that, this edition will challenge and excite your vision of your own life and the new discoveries going on around us.


Leonid E. Grinin and
Andrey V. Korotayev

 Introduction. Universality and Inexhaustibility of Evolution (Full text)          


I. Big History's Phases and Long-Term Trends

David J. LePoire

Expansion and Integration Phases in the Major Stages of Big History (Full text)


Cadell Last

Symbolic Orders and the Structure of Universal Internalization (Full text)  


II. Cosmic Evolution

Leonid E. Grinin

Was There a Big Bang? (Full text)


Dmitry A. Novoseltsev

The Catalysis Project: On the Possibility of Purposeful Expansion of Intelligent Life in the Galaxy (Full text)


Leonid E. Grinin


Evolution of the Early Solar System in Terms of Big History and Global Evolution  (Full text)


III. The Aspects of Socio-Cultural and Political Evolution

Ryszard Skarzynski,
Mateusz Wajzer, and
Tymoteusz Staniucha

Mind and Vision: Social Evolution and the Origins of the Political  (Full text)


Leonid E. Grinin and
Andrey V. Korotayev

Chiefdoms: From Archaic Polities to Modern Terrorist organizations (Full text)


Brian Spooner

What does Big History Do for the Study of Religion? (Full text)


Ken Baskin

Religion as the Ultimate Human Evolutionary Survival Strategy  (Full text)


Antonio Gelis-Filho

Geoculture: Missing in Action  (Full text)


IV. Looking from the Past into the Future

Leonid E. Grinin
and Anton L. Grinin

Technological Dimension of Big History and the Cybernetic Revolution (Full text)


Sergey V. Dobrolyubov

Global Society as Singularity and Point of Transition to the New Phase of Social Evolution (Full text)


David Hookes

The Need for the Second Solar-Digital Revolution: Advice and Warning from a Friendly, Alien Civilisation  (Full text)


Johanna Butler-Hookes

Agroecology vs Agribusiness in the SolarDigital Age (Full text)  


Contributors  (Full text)                                                                                                             293

Guidelines for Contributors   (Full text)                                                                                      296