History & Mathematics:

History & Mathematics:

Analyzing and Modeling Global Development

Moscow: KomKniga, 2006. – 184 p.
Edited by Leonid Grinin, Victor C. de Munck, and Andrey Korotayev
ISBN 5-484-01001-2
Editorial Council: Leonid Borodkin (Moscow State University), Dmitry Chernavsky (Russian Academy of Sciences), Leonid Grinin (Volgograd Center for Social Research), Andrey Korotayev (Russian State University for the Humanities), Alexander Logunov (Russian State University for the Humanities), Gregory Malinetsky (Russian Academy of Sciences), Sergey Malkov (Russian Academy of Military Sciences), Peter Turchin (University of Connecticut)

This almanac initiates a series of edited volumes dedicated to various aspects of the application of mathematical methods to the study of history and society. It comprises articles that apply mathematical methods to the study of various epochs and scales: from deep historical reconstruction to the pressing problems of the modern world. On the other hand, all the articles of this almanac are dedicated to the analysis, periodization, or modeling of global development. It is shown that the mathematical modeling of historical macroprocesses suggests a fresh approach to the periodization issue. The authors study these problems from different perspectives (technological, economic, demographic, sociostructural, cultural-psychological, linguistic). New quantitative insights on the dynamics of contemporary processes are presented. These insights allow the authors to make a number of important forecasts on this basis.


Introduction. History and Mathematics

Leonid Grinin

Periodization of History: A theoretic-mathematical analysis

Andrey Korotayev

The World System History Periodization and Mathematical Models of Socio-Historical Processes

Arno Tausch

Global Terrorism and World Political Cycles

Akop P. Nazaretyan

Violence and Non-Violence at Different Stages of World History:A view from the hypothesis oftechno-humanitarian balance

Michael L. Burton, A. Kimball Romney, Carmella C. Moore

The Use of Cross-Cultural Research Methodology in the Study of Deep History

Natalia L. Komarova

Language and Mathematics: An evolutionary model of grammatical communication

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