Forthcoming Special issue on Chiefdoms!

7 февраля 2011

Thу Editors of the Journal are glad to inform that the special issue of "Social Evolution & History" devoted to the problem of chiefdom in modern historical science is prepared to come out in March 2011.

Preliminary Content

1. Henri J. M. Claessen

On Chiefs and Chiefdoms

2. Robert D. Drennan, Bryan K. Hanks and Christian E. Peterson

The Comparative Study of Chiefly Communities in the
Eurasian Steppe Region

3. Timothy Earle

Chiefs, Chieftaincies, Chiefdoms, and Chiefly Confederacies: Power in the evolution of Political Systems

4. Gibson D. B.

Chiefdom Confederacies and State Origins

5. Grinin and Korotayev

Chiefdoms and their Analogues^ The View at the Alternatives of Social Evolution at the Level of Mid-Complex Societies.

6. Ludomir Lozny

The Emergence of Multi-agent Polities of the Northern Central European Plains in the Early Middle Ages, 600-900 CE.

7. Nikolay N.Kradin

Heterarchy and Hierarchy among ancient Mongolian nomads

8. Robert Сarneiro

The Transition from Chiefdom to State: A Major Phase in Political Evolutio

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