Globalistics and globalization studies

Globalistics and globalization studies

Global Evolution, Historical Globalistics and Globalization Studies

Volgograd: ‘Uchitel’ Publishing House, 2017. – 400 pp.
Edited by Leonid E. Grinin, Ilya V. Ilyin, Peter Herrmann, and Andrey V. Korotayev.
ISBN 978-5-7057-5386-4


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The scope of human thought along with its ability to proceed from reconstruction of the most ancient periods to anticipation of the distant future, from small objects to galaxies and the Universe as well as, to embrace different trends and dimensions of reality never ceases to amaze us. You are reading a new issue of the Yearbook which contains some ‘grains’ of the description of the billion years' path. This Yearbook presents the global studies which cover different fields of research. The present volume is the sixth in the series of yearbooks with the title Globalistics and Globalization Studies.

The subtitle of the volume is ‘Global Evolution, Historical Globalistics and Globalization Studies’ which reflects the contents. The present issue brings together a variety of contributions devoted to mega- and global evolution (Part I); historical globalistics (Part II); globalization and glocalization (Parts III–IV). Besides, Part IV comprises some issues on the view in the future. We become more and more accustomed to think globally and to see global processes.

The yearbook will be interesting to a wide range of researchers, teachers, students and all those who are concerned about global issues.


Introduction. From the First Galaxies to the 2040s (by Leonid Grinin, Ilya Ilyin, Peter Herrmann,
and Andrey Korotayev)
  Full text


Leonid E. Grinin. Сosmic Evolution and Universal Evolutionary Principles  Full text 9

Alexander D. Panov. Prebiological Panspermia and the Hypothesis of the Self-Consistent Galaxy Origin of Life Full text 31

Leonid E. Grinin. A Brief History of the Early Solar System Full text 36

Anton L. Grinin. Self-Regulation as a Global Evolutionary Mega-Trend Full text 50

David Lempert. The Logic of Cultural Suicide and Application to Contemporary Global Strategies: Drawing from Models in Psychology and Biology Full text 72

Ilya V. Ilyin and Arkadi D. Ursul. Vladimir Vernadsky's Contribution to the Origin of the Global Trend in Science Full text 92


Antony Harper. An Equation-Based Systems Approach to Modeling Punctuated Equilibria Apparent in the Macropattern of Urbanization over Time Full text Full text 103

Leonid E. Grinin. Investigation of the World System's Systemic Processes Full text 119

Andrey V. Korotayev and Leonid E. Grinin. The Technological Competition after the Twelfth Century: A Quantitative Analysis Full text 143

Julia Zinkina, Ilya Ilyin, and Andrey Korotayev. The Nineteenth-Century Urbanization Transition in the First World Full text 164

Julia Zinkina, Alexey Andreev, and Elizaveta Mosakova. The Nineteenth Century as the Cradle of Global Capital Full text 173

Julia Zinkina, Andrey Korotayev, and Ivan Aleshkovskii. The Demographic Transition in the First World: The Nineteenth Century Full text 181

Julia Zinkina, Oleg Alekseenko, and Ilya Ilyin. Global Struggle for Suffrage Expansion: The European Case for Male Suffrage in the Nineteenth Century Full text 188


Ryan Waters and Cory Blad. In the Land of Whose People? Inequality, Neoliberalism, and Shifting Nationalisms in Israel Full text 192

Floribert Patrick Calvain Endong. LGBT Rights Movement in Africa and the Myth of the Whiteman's Superiority Full text 211


Michael Linke. Connecting Logistics Networks Globally Via the UN Single Window Concept Full text 223

Dmitry Ivanov. New Forms of Inequality and Structures of Glam-Capitalism Full text 239

Leonid E. Grinin and Andrey V. Korotayev. The Inflationary and Deflationary Trends in the Global Economy, or ‘the Japanese Disease’ is Spreading Full text 256

R. Scott Frey and Wanjun Cui. Infant Mortality in the World-System Full text 284

Rafael Reuveny. Illegal Immigrants in High Income Countries and Politically Autonomous Units: Recent Estimated Stocks by Country and Unit Full text 293

Peter Kemp. Creating the Human Community Full text 310

Nikolay V. Kochurov and Olga G. Leonova. Contemporary Russian and Foreign Science on the Twenty-First Century Tendencies in Globalization: A Brief Introduction Full text 316

Donald V. Kurtz and Manuel Fustes. The Politics of Global Warming: Sciemocracy and the Rescue of the Kobayashi Maru Full text 322

Peter Herrmann. Potentials for Taking a Strategic Role for Sustainable Socia-bility Full text 349

Valentina M. Bondarenko. Digital Economy: Formation, Development and Implementation Full text 365

Brian J. L. Berry and Euel Elliott. The Surprise that Transforms. An American Perspective on What the 2040s Might Bring Full text 384

Contributors to the volume Full text 397