Bondarenko, Valentina

Bondarenko, Valentina
Фамилия:  Bondarenko
Имя:  Valentina

Valentina Bondarenko is the Leading Researcher of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Economics, Director of the N. D. Kondratieff International Foundation, the author of the new methodology for cognition of regularities in the human community development. Her most widely known publications include: ‘Contours of the New Methodology for Cognition of Regularities in the Human Community Development’ (2002, in Russian); ‘Warfare and International Security: Future Perspective’ (2006); Forecasting the Future: A New Paradigm (2008, in Russian); ‘New Methodological Approach to Forming Russia Development Strategy’ (2008, in Russian); ‘Innovations, Information Society and Long-Term Development Strategy of Russia’ (2009, in Russian); ‘Contours of the Economy of the Future and the Present: Two Paradigms of Development’ (2011, in Russian); ‘Outlines of the Future or, Are There Any Chances for A Transition to Sustainable and Crisis-Free Development?’ (2011, in Russian).

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