Buchowski, Michał

Buchowski, Michał
Фамилия:  Buchowski
Имя:  Michał

Michał Buchowski is a Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Poznań and of Comparative Central European Studies at European University Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder. He was (2003-2004) a Distinguished Visiting Professor for International Affairs at Columbia University and he also lectured at the University of Kansas, Humboldt University, and Rutgers University. He was a Fellow of British Council, Fulbright Foundation, Kosciuszko Foundation and the Humboldt Foundation, and worked as a research fellow in the Centre Marc Bloch in Berlin and CNRS in Paris. His scientific interest is in modes of thought and in Central European social and cultural transformations. He has published several books, among them most recently in English Reluctant Capitalists (1997), The Rational Other (1997), Rethinking Transformation (2001), as well as To Understand the Other (in Polish); and he is the co-editor of Poland Beyond Communism (2001) andThe Making of the Other in Central Europe (2001). Currently he is working on issues related to the encounter of the free market and democracy with the realities of post-socialist Poland at the grass-roots level in Poland and Central Europe.

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