Ciochetto, Lynne

Фамилия:  Ciochetto
Имя:  Lynne

Lynne Ciochetto is Associate Professor at the Institute of Communication Design, Massey University, New Zealand. Her research interests reflect her interdisciplinary background: sociology, anthropology, development studies and graphic design. Her recent focus has been the exploration of advertising and globalization in terms of social and cultural change and the environmental impact of the growth in consumption in emerging economies and the role advertising plays. She published Advertising and Globalization in the Emerging Economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China (Routledge, 2011); and articles including: ‘Advertising and Marketing of the Indian Cinema’ (2013); ‘Profit, People, Planet and Global Rebalanc-ing: The Environmental Implications of the Next Decades of Development in the East Asian Nations of Japan, South Korea, China and India’ (2012); ‘Advertising and Globalization in India’ (2006). Currently she is writing a book The Future Sustainability of Sub-Saharan Africa: Comparing the Impact of China and the West in the Contemporary Era of Global-ization for Imperial College Press, London (2014).

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