Feinman, Gary M.

Фамилия:  Feinman
Имя:  Gary M.

Gary M. Feinman is the Curator of Mesoamerican Anthropology at The Field Museum, Chicago, IL, USA. His research interests include the archaeology of complex societies and preindustrial economics. He has directed archaeological field projects for more than a decade in Oaxaca, Mexico and Shandong, China. His publications include: (edited with Linda M. Nicholas), 2004: Archaeological Perspectives on Political Economies, University of Utah Press; (with Richard Blanton, Stephen Kowalewski, and Linda M. Nicholas), Ancient Oaxaca, Cambridge University Press, 1999; and (edited with Joyce Marcus), Archaic States, School of American Research Press, 1998. He can be contacted at gfeinman@fmnh.org

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