Fustes, M.

Фамилия:  Fustes
Имя:  Manuel

Mechanical engineer, graduated from the University of Houston with a specialty in transportation. Currently he is an independent systems consultant in Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) and Electronic Tolling Collection (ETC) systems. His consultancies have included projects in the United States and other countries worldwide: Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa, South America (Chile, Argentina) and Europe (Spain, Portugal, Ireland and the UK), among others. These consultancies required him to travel for extended periods of time and consider in depth and detail problems associated with transportation, energy, and climate change. His experience in the transportation indus-try has allowed him to interface with various private enterprises and governments at local and national levels. These relationships have exposed him to the worldwide problems asso-ciated with the transportation industry (fossil fuel consumption, pollution, traffic, efficient highway design) and how governments and transportation agencies of various countries attempt to solve them. His consultancies have assisted governments and agencies to develop workable solutions that can be properly and sensitively implemented in response to the particular cultures these governments and agencies represent. He and Donald V. Kurtz (Kurtz and Fustes 2014) recently published a paper concerned with the implications of energy depletion, global warming, and population growth for the future of globalization.

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