Gavrilets, Sergey

Gavrilets, Sergey
Фамилия:  Gavrilets
Имя:  Sergey

Sergey Gavrilets is a Distinguished Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Mathematics at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, and a leading researcher in theoretical and computational evolutionary biology with extensive international collaborations. He received his PhD in Physics and Mathematics from Moscow State University (USSR) in 1987. Sergey Gavrilets came to Knoxville in 1995 after spending one year in Toulouse (France) and three years in Davis (California) as a postdoc.

He uses mathematical models to study complex evolutionary processes, with current emphasis on the following areas: (1) Social and Cultural Evolution. He works on models of the evolution of human intelligence and of the dynamics of coalition and alliance formation. (2) Speciation and Adaptive Radiation. He is developing mathematical foundations for a general theory of speciation. (3) Sexual Conflict. He is developing the mathematical foundations of a dynamical theory of the evolutionary consequences of conflict between different sex-linked genes. (4) Holey Fitness Landscapes.

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