Groh, Arnold

Фамилия:  Groh
Имя:  Arnold

Psychologist, linguist, semiotician and literary scholar. His work as social research scientist is primarily focused on culture-related issues, in particular on processes of culture change, but also on aspects of perception, cognition and motivation. He investigates phenomena of globalisation and analyses intra , inter- and transcultural mechanisms with the intention to provide a sound basis for effective intervention in problem areas. Arnold Groh is head of the research institution Structural Analysis of Cultural Systems (S.A.C.S.), which is a non-profit NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. As such, he is involved with activities of UN human rights departments, and also conducts fieldwork with indige-nous group in various regions of the world. Furthermore, he is a psychology expert at district courts and a textbook author. Arnold Groh cooperates with Universities and Ministries in several African countries, as well as in India. He has been teaching as visiting professor at the Institute of Social and Economic Communication of the University of the Arts, Berlin, and is presently associate professor at the Technical University of Berlin.

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