Heshmati, Almas

Фамилия:  Heshmati
Имя:  Almas

Almas Heshmati is a Professor of Economics at the Department of Food and Resource Economics, Korea University, Seoul, South Korea. He was previously Professor of Economics at Seoul National University, University of Kurdistan at Hawler; RATIO Institute, Stockholm; MTT Agrifood Research, Helsinki; Research Fellow at the World Institute for Development Economics Research, The United Nations University (WIDER-UNU), Helsinki; and Associate Professor of Economics at the Stockholm School of Economics. He holds a PhD degree in Economics/Econometrics from the University of Gothenburg. He majors in applied microeconomics and microeconometrics. The focus of his economics research is on the area of agriculture, technology and services, industrial organization, welfare, globalization, and measurement and analysis of performance. In addition to numerous articles, he has published books on global income inequality, Lisbon development strategy, recent developments in the Chinese economy, commercialization and technology transfer, productivity in East Asian manufacturing, dynamics of industrial revolution, integrated water resources management, development economics infrastructure, information and communication technology industry, and performance in power generation.

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