Hughes-Warrington, Marnie T. E.

Hughes-Warrington, Marnie T. E.
Фамилия:  Hughes-Warrington
Имя:  Marnie

Pro-Vice Chancellor (Learning and Teaching Quality) at Monash University. She was previously Associate Professor and Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) in the Faculty of Arts at Macquarie University, Sydney. Marnie is by training a historiographer, a person who is interested in the questions 'What is history?', and 'What is history for?'.

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  • Hughes-Warrington, Marnie T. E.
    Big History     // Social Evolution & History. Volume 4, Number 1 / March 2005

    In a 1991 article for the Journal of World History, David Christian argued that world historians should widen the temporal and disci-plinary scope of their field to take in current scientific theories about the origins of life, the planet and even the Universe. Since then, ‘big history’ – as he coined it – has become the subject of vibrant historiographical discussions in teaching and research programs in Australia, the United States, Russia and the Nether-lands. In this article, I trace the emergence of big history over the last fifteen years and explore the varied theoretical propositions of its practitioners. Further, I demonstrate that, far from being a new branch of world history, big history can be usefully located in the ancient and long-lived tradition of universal history writing.

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