Kardulias, P. Nick

Фамилия:  Kardulias
Имя:  P. Nick

P. Nick Kardulias is Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology, and Chair of the Program in Archaeology at the College of Wooster (Ohio). His research interests in-clude analysis of stone tools, the use of world-systems theory in archaeology, the eco-nomics of ancient agricultural systems, and prehistoric and historic archaeology of the eastern Mediterranean and Midwestern United States. Kardulias has directed projects in Cyprus, Greece, and the USA. His publications include 60 articles. In addition, he has published six books, amongst which are Beyond the Site: Regional Studies in the Aege-an Area (1994), World-Systems Theory in Practice: Leadership, Production, and Ex-change (1999), From Classical to Byzantine: Social Evolution in Late Antiquity and the Fortress at Isthmia, Greece (2005), and Crossroads and Boundaries: The Archaeology of Past and Present in the Malloura Valley, Cyprus (2011). He is Associate Director of the Athienou Archaeological Project in Cyprus, Co-PI of the Ashland/Wooster/Columbus Archaeological & Geological Consortium, serves on the editorial boards of Ethnoarchaeology and American Journal of Archaeology, and is a past President of the Central States Anthropological Society. In 2002, he received the Archaeological Institute of America National Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.

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