Khoi, Nguyen V

Фамилия:  Khoi
Имя:  Nguyen Viet

Deputy-Head, Department of International Business, FIBE, VNU-UEB Vietnam National University, Hanoi. Dr. Khoi joined Vietnam National University in 2000 and has been the Deputy Head of De-partment of International Business since 2011. He has also been providing key advices on strategies for companies and government. His research interests are global value chains, supply chains and the global strategies of multinational corporations. Dr. Khoi has been teaching and doing research at institutions such as University of Wisconsin, University of Southern New Hampshire. In 2012 and 2013, Dr. Khoi joined Columbia Business School, Columbia University as a post-doctorate researcher under the Fulbright Scholarship. Dr. Khoi has published books such as Global Value Chains of Transnational Corporations: A practical Approach from China’s current situation (VNU Publishing House 2013), International Economics (co-author; VNU Publishing House, 2010), and Transnational corporations: theories and practices (co-author; VNU Publishing House, 2007).

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