Kim, H.

Фамилия:  Kim
Имя:  Hae

Hae Kim is Full Professor of International Relations at the Department of Political Science at Troy University, USA. He is the author of numerous articles published in peer-reviewed journals. His publications include: ‘The Complexities of Internal Conflict in the Third World: Beyond Ethnic and Religious Conflict’ (2009); ‘The Patterns of External Debt Pro-file in the Developing World’ (2009); ‘A Multidimensionality of Economic Globalization and its Controversial Effect’ (2008); ‘The Determinants of Internal Conflict in the Third World’ (2006); ‘An Analysis of the Gap Between Growth and Income Inequality in the Third World’ (1998); ‘Trade-Offs between Military Spending, Quality of Life and Economic Growth’ (1996).

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