Malkov, Sergey

Malkov, Sergey
Фамилия:  Malkov
Имя:  Sergey

PhD in technical sciences, professor, member of Russian Academy of Military Sciences. He is the chief of the Center for Strategicakl Nuclear Forces of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences, professor of the Department of Applied Mathematics at Russian State Social university (RGSU). He is the author of more than 200 scientific works including monographs "Modeling of Social-Political and Economic Dynamics (Moscow; RGSU, 2004 in coauthoship with M. G. Dmitriev et al.) and "Providing Stability of Complex Technical Systems" (Fizmatlit, 2006; in coauthorsjip with V. V. Goncharov, B. I. Kovalyov and V. N. Bakulin)

Current reserach interests are associated with the development of methods of modeling stability of social-economic systems under the influence of destabilizing factors and investigation of the ways to supply strategic stability, to create logical-mathematical models of social evolution and historical processes.

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