Mawunou, Zinsê

Фамилия:  Mawunou
Имя:  Zinsê

Zinsê MAWUNOU is a PhD holder in International Relations since June 2012 at Jilin University in Changchun, China. Prior to this, he started the higher education in his country at University of Lomé, Togo before continuing his Master and PhD degrees in China. He published several academic papers such as ‘Regional Structures for Making Peace in Africa: a Focus on the ECOWAS’ (2012), ‘Globalization and Economic Development: What is Francophone Africa Benefiting from Asian Emerging Economies and the West?’ (2011), and participated in several academic seminars and conferences. His PhD thesis focuses on socio-political and strategic relations between Francophone African countries and France face with the emergence of China in these African countries. He is particularly interested in the concepts of South-South relations, the Franco-African relations, regionalization and security in Africa, Africa and the globalization phenomenon. He currently lectures in University of Lomé, Togo.

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