Mondal, Sekh Rahim

Фамилия:  Mondal
Имя:  Sekh Rahim

Sekh Rahim MONDAL is Chair Professor of Anthropology and Sociology, Centre for Himalayan Studies, University of North Bengal & Honorary Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of North Bengal, District Darjeeling (WB), India. His research interests lie in area studies, minority studies, gender studies, development studies, health studies, study of globalization and social dynamics, study of indigenous knowledge, study of ethnic groups and ethnicity and study of Muslims. He is the author of Stratification, Hierarchy and Ethnicity in North East India (1991), Dynamics of Muslim Society (1994), Muslims of Siliguri (1997), Educational Status of Muslims (1997), Rural Muslim Women (2005), Jari Embroidery: A Study of a Traditional Craft and Craftsmen of Bengal (2009).

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