Munck V., de

Фамилия:  Munck, de
Имя:  Victor

Victor de Munck is an Associate Professor in the Anthropology Department of the State University of New York – New Paltz. His specialty is cognitive anthropology; he has published one monograph (Culture, Self and Meaning) on this subject and 15 articles on describing the dynamics between cognitive processes and culture, as well as a number of articles in cross-cultural research, including “Sexual Equality and Romantic Love: A Reanalysis of Rosenblatt's Study on the Function of Romantic Love” (Cross-Cultural Research 33 [1999]: 265–277, with Andrey Korotayev), “«Galton’s Asset» and «Flower’s Problem»: Cultural Networks and Cultural Units in Cross-Cultural Research (or, the Male Genital Mutilations and Polygyny in Cross-Cultural Perspective)” (American Anthropologist 105 [2003]: 353–358, with Andrey Korotayev) and “Valuing Thinness or Fatness in Women: Reevaluating the Effect of Resource Scarcity” (Evolution and Human Behavior 26 [2005]: 257–270, with Carol R. Ember, Melvin Ember, and Andrey Korotayev). Professor de Munck has conducted three years of fieldwork in Sri Lanka which has so far yielded one ethnography (Seasonal Cycles. Delhi: Asian Educational Services, 1993) and over forty articles. Most recently Dr. de Munck received grants from the National Science Foundation and the Fulbright Foundation grant. These have been used to conduct field work on romantic love, marriage choices and sexual practices in Russia, Lithuania and the U.S. This research has thus far yielded one edited volume and a number of articles on cultural models of romantic love.


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