Rayhan, Md. Israt

Фамилия:  Rayhan
Имя:  Md. Israt

Md. Israt Rayhan is an assistant professor at the Institute of Statistical Research and Training (ISRT) in University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, also affiliated with ZEF, Bonn and IUW, Hannover in Germany. He achieved PhD degree from University of Hannover, Germany under DAAD scholarship in 2008. His research interest is on poverty, inequality, risk and vulnerability assessment. Amongst his papers, ‘Trade Flows of Bangladesh: A Gravity Model Approach’ (2011), ‘Assessing Poverty, Risk and Vulnerability: A Study on Flooded Households in Rural Bangladesh’ (2010), ‘Crop Diversification to Mitigate Flood Vulnerability in Bangladesh: An Economic Approach’ (2010), ‘Coping with Floods: Does rural-urban migration play any role for survival in rural Bangladesh?’ (2007) and ‘Factors Causing Malnutrition among under Five Children in Bangladesh’ (2006; with S. Sharmin), are mentionable.

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