Sheffield, J.

Jim Sheffield is Senior Lecturer at the University of Auckland's Business School in Infor-mation Systems and at University of Victoria at Wellington's Management School. Dr. Sheffield has a PhD in Business Administration (University of Arizona, USA), an MBA (Uni-versity of Wisconsin, Madison, USA), MSc in Physics (University of Auckland), and a BSc in Mathematics and Physics (University of Auckland). His doctoral work at the Uni-versity of Arizona in group support systems led to the creation of a Decision Support Centre at the University of Auckland. He has designed, implemented and evaluated more than 100 action research initiatives. Most of these initiatives centered on complex inter-organizational situations involving considerable confusion and conflict. Dr. Sheffield's ma-jor action research initiatives include the development of economic strategy, science policy, and comprehensive regional planning. His current research interests include: analytical frameworks for intervention design; ethical inquiry; group support systems; knowledge management; and research methods. In addition to Dr. Sheffield's body of professional and research work, his most recent publications include ‘Pluralism in Knowledge Management: A Review’, in press with the International Journal of Knowledge Management, and ‘A Paradigmatic and Methodological Examination of Knowledge Management Research: 2000–2004’ in Decision Support Systems (with Z. Guo).

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