Urry, John

Фамилия:  Urry
Имя:  John

John Urry is Distinguished Professor of Sociology, Lancaster University; RSA Fellow; Founding Academician, UK Academy of Social Sciences; Chair Sociology Research As-sessment Panel (1996, 2001); Honorary Doctorate, Roskilde; editor of International Library of Sociology (Routledge); co-editor of Mobilities; member of the Scientific Advisory Com-mittee of Unesco' 2013 World Social Science Report. Current Director of the Lancaster Cen-tre for Mobilities Research. Published 40 books and special issues. Recent books include Automobilities (2005), Mobilities, Networks, Geographies (2006), Mobilities (2007), Aero-mobilities (2009), After the Car (2009), Mobile Lives (2010), Mobile Methods (2010), The Tourist Gaze 3.0 (2011), Climate Change and Society (2011), Societies beyond Oil (2013).

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