Zhou, Xiaodi

Фамилия:  Zhou
Имя:  Xiaodi
Dissertation stage of his doctoral studies in Language and Literacy Education at the University of Georgia, in Athens, GA. He was born in China, and came to the USA to begin elementary school. He is trilingual in English, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish, and has traveled all over the world, from Europe, to Asia, to Africa, and has met many different people and heard may distinct languages throughout his life. As a psychology major in his undergraduate studies, he became intrigued in effects of one's cultural identity on his or her writings. Currently, he is studying the cultural influences on the writing development of adolescent immigrants for his dissertation. He is interested in the dialogic and hybridized notions of identity, with special interest in Bakhtin's ruminations. He hopes to continue exploring the issues of cultural hybridity and intersectionality in the future as an educator of literacy

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