From Big Bang to Nanorobots

Volgograd: ‘Uchitel’ Publishing House, 2015. – 336 pp.

Edited by Leonid E. Grinin and Andrey V. Korotayev
ISBN 978-5-7057-4520-3

Editorial Council:

Editors Council: H. Barry III (USA), Yu. Е. Berezkin (Russia), M. L. Butovskaya (Russia), R. L. Carneiro (USA), Ch. Chase-Dunn (USA), V. V. Chernykh (Russia), H. J. M. Claessen (Netherlands), D. Christian (Australia), S. Gavrilets (USA), А. V. Dybo (Russia), K. Yu. Es'kov (Russia), I. V. Ilyin (Russia), N. N. Iordansky (Russia), P. Herrmann (Ireland), A. A. Kazankov (Russia), E. S. Kul'pin (Russia), G. G. Malinetsky (Russia), A. V. Markov (Russia), A. Yu. Militarev (Russia), M. V. Mina (Russia), V. de Munck (USA), А. P. Nazaretyan (Russia), E. B. Nay-mark (Russia), A. D. Panov (Russia), Zh. I. Reznikova (Russia), B. H. Rodrigue (USA), P. Skalník (Czech Republic), F. Spier (Netherlands), D. White (USA).

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The present volume is the fourth issue of the Yearbook series entitled ‘Evolution’. The title of the present volume is ‘From Big Bang to Nanorobots’. In this way we demonstrate that all phases of evolution and Big History are covered in the articles of the present Yearbook. Several articles also present the forecasts about future development.
The main objective of our Yearbook as well as of the previous issues is the creation of a unified interdisciplinary field of research in which the scientists specializing in different disciplines could work within the framework of unified or similar paradigms, using the common terminology and searching for common rules, tendencies and regularities. At the same time for the formation of such an integrated field one should use all available opportunities: theories, laws and methods. In the present volume, a number of such approaches are used.
The volume consists of four sections: Universal Evolutionary Principles; Biosocial Evolution, Ecological Aspects, and Consciousness; Projects for the Future; In Memoriam.
This Yearbook will be useful both for those who study interdisciplinary macroproblems and for specialists working in focused directions, as well as for those who are interested in evolutionary issues of Cosmology, Biology, History, Anthropology, Economics and other areas of study. More than that, this edition will challenge and excite your vision of your own life and the new discoveries going on around us!


Introduction. Once More about Aspects, Directions, General Patterns and Principles of Evolutionary Development (полный текст) 5

I. Universal Evolutionary Principles

Leonid E. Grinin

Cosmic Evolution and Universal Evolutionary Principles (полный текст) 20

David J. LePoire

Potential Nested Accelerating Returns Logistic Growth in Big History (полный текст) 46

David Christian

Universal Darwinism and Human History (полный текст) 61

David Baker

Collective Learning as a Key Concept in Big History (полный текст) 81

Craig G. Benjamin

Collective Learning and the Silk Roads (полный текст) 101

II. Biosocial Evolution, Ecological Aspects, and Consciousness

Andrey V. Korotayev, Alexander V. Markov, and Leonid E. Grinin

Modeling of Biological and Social Phases of Big History (полный текст) 111

Alexander D. Panov

Prebiological Panspermia and the Hypothesis of the Self-Consistent Galaxy Origin of Life (полный текст) 151

Olga A. Sorokina and Rendt Gorter

Social Evolution of Humankind as an Integral Part of the Evolution of the Biosphere (полный текст) 156

Michael Charles Tobias and Jane Gray Morrison

The ‘Ahimsa Factor’: Ecological Non-Violence Process Analysis in China and Its Implications for Global Paradigmatic Shifts (полный текст) 179

Ilya V. Ponomariov

Situational Binding and Inner Speech: Cross-Sectional Evidences (полный текст) 191

III. Projects for the Future

Valentina M. Bondarenko

Governing the Time Will Govern Development – or, ‛Territory of Faster Development: Everything for People’ Megaproject Realization Proposals (полный текст) 211

Vasily N. Vasilenko

The Noospheric Concept of Evolution, Globalization and Big History (полный текст) 227

Anton L. Grinin and Leonid E. Grinin

Cybernetic Revolution and Forthcoming Technological Transformations (The Development of the Leading Technologies in the Light of the Theory of Production Revolutions) (полный текст) 251

In Memoriam (полный текст) 331

Contributors (полный текст) 333

Guidelines for Contributors