Globalistics and  Globalization Studies

Globalistics and Globalization Studies

Aspects & Dimensions of Global Views

Volgograd: ‘Uchitel’ Publishing House, 2014.
Edited by Leonid E. Grinin, Ilya V. Ilyin, and Andrey V. Korotayev
ISBN 978-5-7057-4028-4
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Nowadays globalization processes have become all-embracing. But at the same time, despite the ever-increasing flow of publications on globalization, our understanding and knowledge of it still leaves much to be desired. Especially it concerns the global processes in general, of which globalization is a part. We also need to systematize our ideas about globalization and Global Studies to somehow fit the realities. In particular, this concerns the education process, because the current state of education will determine the way people will perceive reality in the forthcoming decades. This yearbook aims at contributing to the solution of these important tasks. It is the third in the series of yearbooks titled Globalistics and Globalization Studies. This year it has the following subtitle: Aspects & Dimensions of Global Views. Its authors consider globalization and Global Studies in different dimensions and aspects: philosophical, methodological, and pedagogical, in terms of various processes, problems and perspectives. Of course, to some extent this means that this yearbook presents rather diverse materials. But globalization itself is very diverse. And its comprehension may proceed in the framework of different theoretical approaches and points of view.

In the present yearbook one can find perceptions of globalization and Global Studies by a number of scholars from different countries of the world and learn rather peculiar visions of globalization by the Russian scientists and educators. The yearbook will be interesting to a wide range of researchers, teachers, students and all those who pay attention to global issues.



Introduction. Global Studies in Different Dimensions (Полный текст) 5


Ilya V. Ilyin and Arkadi D. Ursul. Global Knowledge Revolution (Полный текст) 7

Endre Kiss. On the Philosophy of the Contemporary Globalization (Полный текст) 26

Alexander N. Chumakov. AnInsight from Globalistics Perspective: What Must We Do Confronted with Globalization? (Полный текст) 38

Fabien Schang. Making Sense of History? Thinking about International Relations (Полный текст) 50

Ksenia K. Kostina. Political Culture: The Features of Political Decision Making in the Context of Globalization (Полный текст) 61


Olga G. Leonova. Soft Power as a State's Foreign Policy Resource (Полный текст) 99

Tu Weiming. Multiple Modernities: A Preliminary Inquiry into the Implications of the East Asian Modernity(Полный текст) 104

Peter G. Kirchschlaeger. The Relation between Democracy and Human Rights (Полный текст) 112

Anthony Howell. Is Geography ‘Dead’ or ‘Destiny’ in a Globalizing World? A Network Analysis and Latent Space Modeling Approach of the World Trade Network (Полный текст) 126

Hae Kim. Regionalism, Globalization and Economic Development of the World (Полный текст) 143

Olukayode A. Faleye. Africa and International Relations Theory: Acquiescence and Responses (Полный текст) 154


Andrey V. Korotayev and Victor de Munck. Advances in Development Reverse Global Inequality Trends (Полный текст) 164

Leonid E. Grinin. The Tiger and the Dragon. Development Models and Perspectives of India and China (Полный текст) 184

Tuğçe Varol Sevim. Energy Impact of Coming Eurasian Union and Relations between Russia and Turkey (Полный текст) 209

Jason Powell and Hafiz Khan. Ageing and Globalization: A Global Analysis (Полный текст) 223

Valentina M. Bondarenko. The Main Trends of the Global Dynamics and the Future of the World Development (Полный текст) 232


Section 1. Teaching Global Studies: Reflections and Experiences

Gilbert Ahamer. Multi-disciplinary Didactics for Curricula of ‘Global Studies’(Полный текст) 243

Jim Sheffield. Local Solutions in a Global Environment: Facilitating National Strategies in New Zealand (Полный текст) 269

Ilya V. Ilyin and Arkadi D. Ursul. Evolutionary Globalistics (Полный текст) 293

Bruno G. Ruettimann. Economic Globalization: The Five Basic Globalization Types (Полный текст) 300

Patrick Manning. Interdisciplinary Methodology: A Graduate-Level Course in Global Studies (Полный текст) 313

Leonid E. Grinin, Andrey V. Korotayev, and David Baker. Beyond Global Studies. The Introductory Lecture to Big History Course (Полный текст) 321

Section 2. Global Studies Curricula and Syllabi around the World

Part 1. Universities with Global Studies Education at Bachelor's Level (Полный текст) 329

Part 2. Universities with Global Studies Education at Master's and/or PhD levels (Полный текст) 336

Part 3. Universities with Global Studies Education at Bachelor's, Master's and/or PhD Levels (Полный текст) 351

Contributors to the volume(Полный текст) 360