Globalistics and globalization studies

Globalistics and globalization studies

Globalization Studies and Evolutionary Trends

Volgograd: ‘Uchitel’ Publishing House, 2019. – 400 pp.
Edited by Leonid E. Grinin, and Andrey V. Korotayev
ISBN 978-5-7057-5751-0

We more and more acutely perceive global processes. Probably, the most debated and apparent is the global climate change. Also the close link between global processes in the World System and every society, in the human civilization and nature becomes more and more evident. And the global processes are clearly a part of the processes in our Universe and even in a wider macrocosm. So we become completely aware of the physical connection between the Earth and the cosmos while learning their riddles.

Thus, global processes imperatively make us think broadly and cover megaevolution and contemporary political processes. The present volume contributes to this approach. This is already the seventh issue of the yearbook Globalistics and Globalization Studies touching a broad range of subjects within Global Studies and subtitled Globalization Studies and Evolutionary Trends. The volume has a traditional structure and consists of four parts. Part I. Big History and Global Evolution comprises four articles considering the fundamental subjects concerned with Big History. Seven contributions to Part II. Historical Globalistics are devoted to historical trends sometimes covering whole millennia. So they are written in the style and discourse of Globalistics and global Historical Sociology. In Part III. Evolutionary Trends there are only four articles but which give very interesting evolutionary surveys showing the development of a phenomenon from origin to the present. Finally, the last Part IV. The World Today and Tomorrow is devoted to the analysis of current processes within the World System and give an insight into the future.

The yearbook will be interesting to a wide range of researchers, teachers, students and all those who are concerned about global issues.


Preface (Full text) 5


Javier Collado-Ruano. Co-evolution in Big History: A Transdisciplinary and Biomimetic Approach to the Sustainable Development Goals (Full text) 6

Sergey V. Dobrolyubov. Global Society as Singularity and Point of Transition to the New Phase of Social Evolution (Full text) 18

Ken Baskin. Religion as the Ultimate Human Evolutionary Survival Strategy (Full text) 40

David Hookes. The Need for the Second Solar-Digital Revolution: Advice and Warning from a Friendly, Alien Civilization (Full text) 58


Leonid Grinin. Revolutions and Historical Process (Full text) 83

Andrey V. Korotayev and Leonid E. Grinin. The Technological Activity and Competition in the Middle Ages and Modern History: A Quantitative Analysis (Full text) 99

Frances Berdan. Late Postclassic Mesoamerican Trade Networks and Imperial Expansion (Full text) 120

Michael E. Smith. Bounding Empires and Political/Military Networks with Archaeological Data (Full text) 135

Leonid Grinin. The Processes of Systemic Integration in the World System (Full text) 152

Andrey Korotayev and Julia Zinkina. Systemic Boundary Issues in the Light of Mathematical Modeling of World-System Evolution (Full text) 174

Juan Pablo Gil-Osle. Early Modern Globalized World: Gifts, Trifles, and Friendship (Full text) 193


Brian J. L. Berry, Denis J. Dean. Long Waves in American Politics. Takeoff Presidencies (Full text) 210

Antony Harper. A Toy Model Mechanism for Greater-Than-Exponential Human Population Growth (Full text) 221

Leonid E. Grinin and Andrey V. Korotayev. Chiefdoms: Yesterday and Today (Full text) 229

Brent Ranalli. A New Model of Human Cultural History Centered on ‘Modes of Relating’ (Full text) 237


Andrea Komlosy. Crises, Long Waves and World System Analysis (Full text) 248

Arno Tausch. Islamism and Antisemitism. Preliminary Evidence on Their Relationship from Cross-national Opinion Data (Full text) 270

Ivan Aleshkovski and Yana Mishchenko. Russia’s Role in the Global Energy Markets (Full text) 304

Hortensia Cuéllar. The Silk Route: A New Development Model? (Full text) 311

Valentina M. Bondarenko. Conditions for Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in Russia and the World (Full text) 321

Endre Kiss. Essay on the New Globalization (Full text) 325

Leonid Grinin and Anton Grinin. Global Technological Perspectives in the Light of Cybernetic Revolution and Theory of Long Cycles (Full text) 336