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Age of Globalization Supervising Editor:
L. E. Grinin
A. N. Chumakov

Age of Globalization

This is a special brief English version of the Russian journal «Век глобализации»

Every century gets its own name in the history, sometimes even more then one. Only the future will show which title will be finally assigned to the 21st century. But we, the contemporaries of its beginning, think that these are just the process of globalization and its possible consequences that will become central for the present century.

Among the wide range of periodicals in Russia there is no specialized journal yet for the already established sphere of academic research – the global studies – which on the interdisciplinary basis would raise questions and suggest solutions of urgent problems of the present day world: starting fr om ecology, resources and demography up to the legal and geopolitical aspects of international relations. The emergence of a new scientific journal should be regarded as a response to this long-standing necessity for a solid theoretic discussion and popular science treatment of the process of globalization and global problems of the modern times.

Nowadays many people ask themselves questions: What is ‘globalization’ and how is it connected with global problems of modernity? When and why did it start? Wh ere and in what forms will it develop? Globalization – is it right or wrong? The questions of those kinds will be discussed in detail on the pages of our edition and the leading issues of its contributions will become the following:
– theory of globalization and global studies in general;
– economic, political, social, ecological, scientific-technical, cultural, religious, ethic and other aspects of globalization;
– global problems of modernity;
– analysis of modern Russian realia in the context of processes and problems of globalization;
– global studies: urgent questions of philosophy and theory of history;
– the human problem in the light of problems of globalization;
– futurological aspects of global studies, etc.

The present edition is a special brief English version of the Russian journal «Век глобализации». In the first and second sections there are complete articles and in the subsequent section you can find abstracts and annotations of the rest papers of the Russian-language original.

The Russian and foreign scientists and specialists professionally working in the field of Global Studies are invited to the collaboration in the journal. Articles on the Russian or English languages (to 1 printer's sheet), and also ideas and suggestions send to the address:
Prof. Alexander N. Chumakov, Institute of Philosophy of RAS –