International Congress ‘Globalistics’. International Symposium ‘Globalization Studies: Trends, Problems, Perspectives’

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Dear Colleagues,

On May 19–22, 2011 Lomonosov Moscow State University will hold International Congress ‘Globalistics-2011’. In the framework of this congress the ‘Journal of Globalization Studies’ in collaboration with the Faculty of Global Processes of Lomonosov Moscow State University organizes an International Symposium ‘Globalization Studies: Trends, Problems, Perspectives’.

We invite the members of our journal's Editorial Board and Advisory Editors Council, our journal's authors and all those interested in Globalization Studies to participate in this symposium.

The symposium will address a wide range of topics, such as:

· Civilizations and globalization;

· Economic, scientific-technical, social, political, ecological, cultural, ethical, religious and other aspects of globalization;

· Formal models of globalization processes;

· Futurological aspects of global studies; global dynamic forecasts etc.;

· Global economic crises;

· Analysis of problems of non-Western states in the context of processes and problems of globalization;

· Globalization in historical retrospective;

· global history perspective;

· Global problems of modernity;

· Global studies: urgent questions of philosophy and theory of history;

· Human problems in the light of problems of globalization;

· Impact of electronic media on globalization;

· Impact of globalization in particular geographic and cultural;

· Integrating diversity;

· Local solutions in a global environment;

· Philosophical aspects of globalization;

· Processes of globalization in history;

· Sustainability;

· Systemic interventions in governance;

· Theory of globalization.

We believe that this symposium will make it possible to conduct an exchange of opinions and ideas as regards problems and most promising directions of globalization studies, as well as with respect to the development of the ‘Journal of Globalization Studies’.

We would ask all those who do not exclude the possibility of their taking part in our symposium to send us abstracts of their possible papers by February 15, 2011.

Prof. Leonid Grinin (,

Prof. Andrey Korotayev (,

and Prof. Victor de Munck (,

Editors and Convenors