The Almanac ‘Evolution’

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The almanac is helpful for those who study interdisciplinary macroproblems as well as for specialists working within specifi c trends, and also for those who to a greater or lesser extent are interested in the evolutionary problems of astrophysics, geology, biology, history, anthropology, linguistics; who long for being familiar with the newest achievements in the humanities, natural and social sciences.

Evolution: Cosmic, Biological and Social / Edited by Leonid E. Grinin, Robert L. Carneiro, Аndrey V. Korotayev, Fred Spier. – Volgograd: ‘Uchitel’ Publishing House, 2011. – 296 pp.

The almanac tends to offer a wide range of subject themes and problems: from universal evolutionary approaches to the analysis of specifi c evolutionary regularities in the development of animate and inanimate nature, society, culture, cognition, language etc. The volume may be regarded as a collective effort dedicated to the search for the contours and specifi cs of evolutionary megaparadigms. In general this issue deals with studies on very large temporal and spatial scales, in other words: the issues of mega- and macroevolution.

Evolution: A Big History Perspective / Edited by Leonid E. Grinin, Andrey V. Korotayev, and Barry H. Rodrigue. – Volgograd: ‘Uchitel’ Publishing House, 2011. – 304 pp.

This volume is the second in a series of almanacs that has Evolution as its general subject and title. This volume is also a special edition with the subtitle: A Big History Perspective. We have tried to collect a wide variety of contributions by very different authors – not only from different countries, but also authors who have very different educational backgrounds (historians, astrophysicists, biologists, sociologists, geologists, psychologists, archaeologists and others). All of them have come to the shared understanding that we need a unifi ed picture of the evolution of the Universe.

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