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Ivan A. Gobozov. Freedom: Illusion and reality (рр. 5–20).

The article analyzes the current issues of freedom. The author emphasizes that freedom is not a given state, but a rather long, complex and controversial process. There is a certain threshold between freedom and will.

Keywords: freedom, prohibition, will, process, responsibility, determinism, contradiction, politics, spiritual freedom, illusion.

Yuri I. Semenov. Economy and society: Ways of determination (рр. 21–36).

The main provision of the Marxist materialist conception of society and, therefore, of its history is the recognition of the economy as a foundation or basis of society. The system of socio-economic relations, existing outside and independently of people's mind and will, defines their consciousness and will and determines their activity, and thus, affects the society's structure. But this determination occurs in different ways. One way is a direct determinacy by the economy of consciousness and will, and thus of people's behavior, that is an ortodetermination. It is characteristic of the capitalist economy. Another pattern is the definition of consciousness and will, and thus of the people's actions through intermediaries, primarily through some form of social will, that is a transdetermiation. Transdetermination is characteristic of pre-capitalist societies.

Keywords: materialist conception of history, economy, socio-economic relations, ortodetermination, transdetermination capitalist society, market, commodity-money relations pre-capitalist society, social will.

Yuri V. Oleynikov. A mature society of mature people as the humankind’s social ideal (рр. 37–48).

The article studies the issue of a social ideal in the works of prominent Western and Russian thinkers, and the realities of establishing a mature society of mature people.

Keywords: an ideal, a social ideal, a society, becoming, a mature society, the mature person, the infantile person.

Andrey D. Sukhov. Marxist treatment of religion (рр. 49–66).

The Marxist perception of religion based on materialism and dialectics, identifies the characteristics of formation and development of this form of social consciousness, its place within society, its structure, functions.

Keywords: religion, idealism, materialism, dialectics, society, theory of knowledge, continuity in development.

Elena. N. Yarkova. The historical experience as a socio-cultural institute (рр. 67–78).

The article is devoted to the identification of the role of the historical experience in social life. The author distinguishes three types of perception of the historical experience: historical idealism, historical nihilism, and historical realism. This typological triad is seen as a tool of analysis of social consciousness, the development of a realistic attitude to historical experience – as an indicator of society's ability to self-development. The author makes conclusions about the deficit of historical realism in the modern Russian society.

Keywords: historical experience, historical idealism, historical nihilism, historical realism, reflation, dialectic.

Richard I. Kosolapov. Optimization of social system (рр. 79–103).

The article analyzes the current social system in Russian Federation and a conclusion is made that the market economy has led the country almost to a catastrophe. The author suggests concrete ways to optimize the social system through raising it to the rank of a national idea so that it could meet the interests of the country's every citizen.

Keywords: national idea, socialism, capitalism, modernization, archaization, productive forces, consumption force, Marxism, labour, Russian re-integration.

Aza D. Ioseliani. Ecological consciousness and religious values in the sacred texts of the East (рр. 104–119).

The article is a part of a series of studies focused on the interrelation between ecological conscience and scientific reality in sacred texts of all the world religions. This part of the work is focused on how and in what forms the Eastern religions realized and anticipated the problems arising today between man and nature.

Keywords: social consciousness, ecological consciousness, ecological crisis, religion, spiritual values, globalization, traditions, Christianity, Bible, Islam, Koran, Orient, oriental religions.

Marina A. Schestakova. The division of the sensual: Jacques Rancière's esthetic phenomenology (рр. 120–130).

Jacques Ranciere's concept of the distribution of the sensible considers aesthetics and politics as equivalent activities which purport to reconfigure the sensual experience. In fact, such an approach is phenomenological. It allows developing the idea of democracy as ‘disagreement’ (la mesentente) but at the same time it reduces aesthetics and politics to a resistance without positive social agenda.

Кеуwords: distribution of the sensible, aesthetics, politics, democracy, J. Ranciere.

Еlena Р. Polikanova. Moral values and their role in modern society (рр. 131–140).

The author of the article considers spirituality and moral as the decisive beginnings, capable to affect the socio-cultural situation in Russia. The author also thinks that it is necessary to fight against the ideological aggression which aims at imposing the false values imbued with ignorance and directed at kindling consumer instincts. It is necessary to understand morals as an absolute value.

Keywords: personality, spirituality, soullessness, culture, identity, values, tolerance, family, ethical ignorance, globalization.

History of Russian Philosophy

Michail A. Maslin. N. P. Ogarev – from worship to oblivion (рр. 141–152).

The article is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Nikolay Platonovich Ogarev (1813–1877), an outstanding representative of the liberation movement, a poet and thinker. The author poses the question of the necessity to create an authentic idea of Ogarev's legacy which must be free from the prejudices of the dogmatic Marxism.

Кеуwords: Russian philosophy, liberation movement, Russian romanticism, Russian Enlightment, philosophical revival.


D. V. Smirnov. This is a future of philosophy. Semenov Yu. I. Introduction in philosophy science. In six books. Moscow: LIBROCOM, 2013 (рр. 153–162).

V. A. Khrapova. Interesting scientific research. Risk society: Problems and prospects (рр. 163–167).

Scientific works

The list of scientific works of the doctor of historical sciences, Professor J. I. Semenov? Published in 1999–2014 (to the 85 anniversary since birth) (рр. 168–178).


The 25th anniversary of Uchitel Publishing House (р. 179).

Semenov Yu. I. 85th anniversary (р. 180).

Khanazarov K. Kh. 90th anniversary (рр. 181–183).

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