скачать Журнал: Век глобализации. Выпуск №3(35)/2020 - подписаться на статьи журнала


Alexander N. Chumakov. Globalistics in the current context: A pandemic test (pp. 3–14).

Arkadiy A. Tishkov. The ecological impacts and consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic (pp. 15–30).

Leonid E. Grinin. Has a revolutionary situation arisen in the USA? (pp. 31–44).

Global Issues

Lyubov V. Klepikiva. On the issue of a global city as a means of unification of global community (pp. 45–53).

Maksim S. Buryanov. Global digital human rights in the context of risks of digitalization (pp. 54–70).

Yulia V. Zinkina. The population of Sub-Saharan Africa: A resources of development or a threat to stability? (pp. 71–81).

Processes of Globalization

Igor K. Lisseev. Globalization of ecology in the globalizing world (pp. 82–89).

Elizaveta A. Mossakova. Modern developmental trends of cryptocurrency market (pp. 90–98).

Anatoly G. Kossichenko. The religious identity in the epoch of globalization (pp. 99–111).

Nature, Society, and Human

Nikolay M. Rakityansky. The dogmatic principle in the political and psychological studies of cultural-civilizational systems (pp. 112–126).

Russia in the Global World

Nikolay N. Kozhevnikov, Vera S. Danilova. The development of Russia in the context of global framework (pp. 127–134).

Nikolay S. Chizhkov. The peculiarities of cultural interaction between the Russian and Chinese population in Harbin (pp. 135–141).

Anniversaries (p. 142)