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Arkady A. Tishkov. Geographical Ethics in the Age of Globalization (pp. 3–18).

Elena A. Dergacheva. Technocratic Nature of the Modern Market Economy (pp. 19–32).

Globalization Processes

Aleksey V. Volobuev. Post-globalization and Facets of Fundamentalism (pp. 33–44).

Viktor A. Los'. The Phenomenon of Global Problems in Soviet Science (to the Origins of Globalistics (pp. 45–59).

Nature, Society, Human

Alexander D. Dumnov, Alexander P. Dyomin, Nikolai G. Rybalsky. Agroecology: From Disagreement in Essence to Essential Unity of Action (pp. 60–73).

Natalia M. Mamedova. Humans in the Age of Digitalization: On the Verge of Real and Virtual (pp. 74–85).

Sergei A. Buryanov, Maxim S. Buryanov. The Concept of Evolutionary Transition to Human-Oriented Global Governance (pp. 86–100).

Russia in Globalized World

Ivan A. Gobozov. The Development Paths of Russia (pp. 101–115).

Natalia S. Kuleshova, Olga A. Samuseva. Russia and China in the World Innovation Sphere (pp. 116–127).

Global Personality

Ilia V. Ilyin, Tatiana A. Ursul, Alexander N. Chumakov. At the Origins of National Globalistics (to the 85th Anniversary of Arkady D. Ursul) (pp. 128–140).

In Memoriam

Gobozov Ivan Arshakovich (pp. 141–142).