Журнал: Век глобализации. Выпуск №1(41)/2022 - подписаться на статьи журнала


Leonid E. Grinin, Anton L. Grinin. Are We on the Way Towards a World Revolution? Article Two. The World Revolution and its Price for the World (pp.3-28)

Valeria I. Spiridonova. ‘Civilizational State’ as a Challenge to Unipolar Globalization (pp.29-41)

Dmitry G. Evstafiev, Lyubov A. Tsyganova. The Post-Global Model of Social Development: Dialectics of Continuity and Negation (pp.42-54)

In the world of global relations

Sergey L. Udovik. “Global Europe”: From the Atlantic to the Pacific (pp.55-71)

Alexey N. Fatenkov. Digital Society: Civilization at the Stage of “Comfortable” Totalitarianism (pp.72-85)

Pavel L. Karabuschenko, Leonid Ya. Podvoisky. Crisis of Modern Political Culture (The Destruction of the Political Carnival Elite) (pp.86-99)

Humanitarian aspects of globalisation

Gennady I. Lovetsky, and Pavel V. Samylov. Globalization, Quantum Physics and New Functions of State Administration (pp.100-110)

Dmitry G. Egorov, and Anzhela V. Egorova. On the Methodology of the Modern Mainstream Economic Theory (pp.111-125)

Alexander N. Lebedev. The Phenomenon of Value Polarization and the Problem of Planetary Thinking (pp.126-138)

Russia in te global world

Yana V. Mishchenko. Integration and Disintegration Processes in Asia Pacific: Tasks and Prospects for Russia (pp.139-151)

Dmitry O. Strelnikov. Problems of the Development of Convergent Technologies and Ensuring Military Security of the Russian Federation (pp.152-159)