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Historical Psychology & Sociology: Contents and Abstracts

Images of History

Andrey M. Burovsky. Alien Intelligence, Space Natives and the North Sentinel Island (pp. 5–48).

Social-Psychological Surveys of History

Alexander V. Pak. The Image of Lenin in Russian Mass Culture of the XX–XXI Centuries and in the Minds of Modern Russians (pp. 49–72).

In the Mirror of Cultures

Alexander A. Kazakov. Pathways of Hesychasm in Medieval Russia: An Attempt to Comprehend (pp. 73–92).

Konstantin M. Pistsov. Seasonal Symbolism and Calendar Festivals in the 17th Century Emperor’s Palace (From the Notes of Liu Ruoyu) (pp. 93–110).

Comparative and Cultural Anthropology

Ildar Kh. Minyazhetdinov. On International Aspects of US Policy to Counter the Terrorist Aggression of Daesh in Iraq (pp. 111–128).

Kseniya Yu. Kozhemyak. Modern Work Motivation from Blogger to Director: “Life for Likes” (pp. 129–137).

Evgeniya O. Novosyolova. Peculiarities of the Japanese Native Scientific Basis, or the Problem of “Scientific Knowledge” outside the Western Tradition (pp. 138–147).

Sofia Ye. Pale. The Kuril Islands, Cats and Dogs: On the Relations between Russia and Japan (pp. 148–162).

Svetlana V. Prozhogina.  The Duality of East and West: Interdependence and Complementarity in the Mirror of Literature (pp. 163–180).

Elena L. Skvortsova, Alexander L. Lutsky. The Kuril Islands, Cats and Dogs: On the Relations between Russia and Japan (pp. 181–198).


Konstantin M. Pistsov. The August Faces (Portraits of emperors and empresses of different eras from the Chamber of the South Wind) (pp. 199–202).