Журнал: Философия и общество. Выпуск №1(106)/2023 - подписаться на статьи журнала

Social Philosophy and Philosophy of History

Volobuev Ya. V. In Search of a Common Foundation for the World Community: A Guarantee of Sustainable Existence (pp. 5–22).

Efremov O. A. Messenger Communication and Clip Thinking in the Context of Digitalization (pp. 23–41).

Ontology and Theory of Knowledge

Razin A. V. Computer and Mind: the Problem of Qualia (pp. 42–56).

Gubanov N. I., Gubanov N. N., Cheremnykh L. G. Differentiating Responsibility for the Use of the Results of Scientific Work (pp. 57–73).


Omelchenko N. V. The Meaning of Life as a Global Problem (pp. 74–88).

Loskutov Yu. V. Moral Truth and “Argumentum ad Hominem” (pp. 89–100).

Avdeeva I. A. Digitalization as a Subject of Ethical Problems (pp. 101–114).

Belyaletdinov R. R. Bioethics and Biobanks: How the Ethics of Risks Arise (pp. 115–125).