Журнал: Век глобализации. Выпуск №2(46)/2023 - подписаться на статьи журнала


Levakin Igor Vyacheslavovich. Economy, human, law (modernity and scientific and technological development) (pp. 3-11)

Werner Busch. The fate control and wisdom (pp. 12-20)

World Development Trends

Ramsia A. Absalamova, Natalya V. Voytik, Oksana B. Poletaeva. The axiology of globalization: leader - empathy - dialogue (pp. 21-30 )

Tatiana V. Ustinova. Plurilingualism as a constitutive feature of communication in the global world (pp. 31-40)

Wang XinChina’s  foreign policy strategy in the dealing with global challenges (pp. 41-49)

In the world of global relations

Leonid E. Grinin. Acceleration of the reconfiguration of the World-System in relation to the special military operation in Ukraine and possible future scenarios. Article 1. The Impact of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine on the Reconfiguration of the World-System (pp. 50-72)

Natalia P. Molchanova. Interstate cooperation of the EAEU countries: the need to intensify regional research (pp. 73-89)

Vladimir I. Gerasimov, Svetlana I. Kodaneva. Greater Eurasia: national and civilizational aspects of development and cooperation (pp. 90-101)

Humanitarian Aspects of Globalistics

Vladimir A. Goliney. Conceptual rethinking of "soft power": Russian and Latin American views (pp. 102-116 )

Chao Bingqing. "Soft power" as an effective tool of Chinese foreign policy (pp. 117-124)

Aza D. Ioseliani, Bunina Mia Alexandrovna. Fake and fake news as instruments influence on the shaping of public opinion (pp. 125-135)