Books recieved for review

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Inclusion in the list neither guarantees nor precludes later review in the issues of Social Evolution and History.

From Big Bang to Galactic Civilizations: A Big History Anthology, Volume I. Our Place in the Universe. An Introduction to Big History Edited by Barry Rodrigue, Leonid Grinin and Andrey Korotayev 2015, xii + 358pp, Hb Series ISBN: 978-93-84082-45-1

Genealogy, Time and Identity Historical Consciousness in the Deccan, Sixth Century CE –Twelfth Century CE Aruna Pariti xiii + 352pp, Hb ISBN: 978-93-84082-47-3

2015, Primus Books

Harappan Archaeology Early State Perspectives Shereen Ratnagar x + 350pp, Hb ISBN: 978-93-84082-60-4

2015, Primus Books

Living with Floods Archaeology of a Settlement in the Lower Ganga Plains,

c. 600–1800 CE Sheena Panja, Arun K. Nag, Sunando Bandopadhyay

xvi+ 292pp, Hb ISBN: 978-93-84082-59-8

2015, Primus Books

Ports of the Ancient Indian Ocean Edited by Marie-Franзoise Boussac, Jean-Franзois Salles, Jean-Baptiste Yon xii + 560pp, Hb ISBN: 978-93-84082-07-9

2015, Primus Books